BE PREPARED TO TRAVEL – A Checklist of Things to Do for Vacation Planning

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Have you ever boarded an airplane or driven 80 miles down the road and then remembered that you hadn’t turned off the water to your house? You’ve probably never had a water leak in your home, but this certainly isn’t the time for a first! Have you driven off and wondered if you closed the garage door or gotten to the airport and found out that you only have two weeks left on your passport? Did you notice Fido standing at the door and suddenly remember that you hadn’t ever made arrangements to board your pets for the next two weeks?

With BE PREPARED TO TRAVEL, you’ll have a handy checklist that will remind you to take care of all those pesky details so that something important doesn’t get left out. It ensures that your trip will start out smoothly.

With the handy checklist format, you actually check off completed tasks and prioritize those that still need to be done. You can even add your own personalized tasks for unusual situations. It makes organization easy.

Whether you’re flying, cruising or taking a road trip, avoid the frustration of trying to remember to get everything done.